Level Icewind Pass

Initial layout.

"There is no place colder in these mountains than Icewind Pass, but we must advance.
Our men have been besieged by Ha'kraj Trolls for days, and our scouts report enemy troop movements around us... And something else, something wilder.
If we are to make a stand here, this is a good place to install some of our new artillery emplacements, and to construct a Barbarian Mead Hall so we may entertain our more colorful troops."

Icewind Pass is the eighth level in the game comprised of eighteen waves. The player starts with 800 Gold and twelve Strategic Points to build at. It is the second of two scenarios to have short-cuts through the mines for the enemy. The map features three points of entry: two to the north-east, the upper one leading through the single short-cut present, and the lower one leading all the way along the road and defensive lines; and one to the south-east. It is the only level on which the player has access to the Sasquatch, an ancient beast who must be freed before being used.



Iron Challenge

Wave Composition


Wave Enemies
(North > Cave)
(North > Path)
Income Time
1 Giant Spider x8
Spider Matriarch x2
88 N/A
2 Brigand x9 135 21
3 Troll x5 125 21
4 Brigand x4
Shadow Archer x2
Brigand x6
Shadow Archer x2
214 21
5 Gargoyle x9 108 31
6 Troll x6
Troll Champion x2
Giant Spider x6
Spider Matriarch x2
276 11
7 Brigand x3
Dark Knight x3
Shadow Archer x2
Brigand x5
Dark Knight x3
Shadow Archer x4
366 38
8 Wulf x18
Worg x2
Winter Wolf x1
Wulf x9
Worg x4
Winter Wolf x2
312 64
9 Troll x8
Troll Champion x4
Giant Spider x10
Spider Matriarch x6
500 25
10 Yeti x2 240 38
11 Gargoyle x24 Giant Spider x16
Spider Matriarch x6
504 64
12 Dark Knight x4
Shadow Archer x6
Dark Knight x14
Shadow Archer x6
642 24
13 Troll x12
Troll Champion x4
Troll Chieftain x2
540 38
14 Troll x8 Troll x12
Troll Champion x4
Troll Chieftain x2
740 38
15 Winter Wolf x6 Winter Wolf x6
Yeti x5
1020 38
16 Gargoyle x36 Giant Spider x30
Spider Matriarch x12
852 64
17 Troll x10
Troll Chieftain x1
Troll x20
Troll Champion x6
Troll Chieftain x2
1110 38
18 Winter Wolf x6
Yeti x9
Giant Spider x40
Spider Matriarch x30
2170 64

Heroic Challenge

Wave Enemies
(North > Cave)
(North > Path)
Income Time
1 Wulf x16 Troll x7 Giant Spider x12 307 N/A
2 Troll x15 Gargoyle x11 507 31
3 Wulf x12 Worg x6
Winter Wolf x4
Yeti x1
Spider Matriarch x6 450 31
4 Troll Chieftain x1
Troll Champion x4
Troll x19
745 31
5 Troll Champion x6
Troll Chieftain x1
Troll x12
Giant Spider x24
Spider Matriarch x9
994 31
6 Winter Wolf x12
Yeti x6
Gargoyle x42 1644 31

Iron Challenge

Wave Enemies
(North > Cave)
(North > Path)
1 Wulf x??
Worg x??
Gargoyle x? Brigand x??
Marauder x??
Bandit x??


  • New Tower Unlocked!
Pedia tower 500mm Big Bertha

Level 4 Artillery

Biggest piece of artillery
that deals very high area

Pedia tower Barbarian Hall

Level 4 Barracks

Spawns axe wielding
Barbarians that can
obliterate most foes.

  • New Enemy!
Pedia mob Troll Champion

Troll Champion

Elite tribal warriors equipped
with vicious throwing axes that
pierce through armor.

– Ranged attack
– Health regeneration
– Average speed

Vicious axes deal full
damage regardless of armor.

  • New Enemy!
Pedia mob Yeti


Large ape-man like creature
that can obliterate scores of
soldiers with one strike.

– Very high health
– Very slow speed
– Cost 5 lives
– Area attack

Yeti attacks deal area

  • New Enemy!
Pedia mob Troll Chieftain

Troll Chieftain

The chieftain can enrage his
brethren, improving their
attack damage, armor rating
speed and health.

– High health regeneration
– Can enrage other Trolls
– Very slow speed

Related Achievements

Achievement Like a Henderson LIKE A HENDERSON Free the Sasquatch on the Icewind Pass.

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