Hyenas are enemies first seen in the level Waterfalls Trail. They have the ability to dodge past any blocks, including soldiers, reinforcements and heroes, rendering those units incapable of slowing them down.


Fast and craven beasts bred by Gnolls to run past enemy lines.

Hyenas are one of the most annoying enemies in the early stages of Kingdom Rush: Origins. Though easily slain, they come in large numbers, and can dodge past soldiers: when Hyenas encounter soldiers, instead of stopping to fight, they'll speed up and run past the soldiers. This makes soldiers nearly useless, to the point of sometimes being detrimental against Hyenas.

Especially in the Heroic Challenges and Iron Challenges, Hyenas can cause hair loss. Since in these modes you only have 1 life, they are easily able to slip past your defences for an easy win.


  • A good choice is to combine level 2-3 Druids and Archers, one Druid and one Archer should be able to take on average Hyena hordes.
  • While soldiers cannot block Hyenas, they can still deal damage with their bows. Groups level 2-3 Barracks behind your lines of Druids and Archers to catch any leaking Hyenas.
  • Do not use Mages against Hyenas, they possess low magic resistance and come in large groups, too large for most Mages to handle.

Related achievements

OrAchP1 3Shez SHENZI, BANZAI & ED End stage 3 without scaring more than 3 hyenas.