Husks are zombie-like creatures that appear in the Rotten Forest and Fungal Forest in Kingdom Rush.


Fallen warriors, their bodies claimed by the forest, they are now only husks of their former selves.

Husks can be considered as more powerful versions of Brigands. They don't have the attack power of Demon Spawn, but they have one aspect that makes them difficult: medium physical armor. This means that mages are a must to deal with them, and even then, mages fire slowly and Husks almost always appear in large groups of 10+, too large for most mages to handle. This in combination with the Husks' still decent HP means that they still have to be stopped by soldiers to prevent them from escaping the mage's shots, though the Poison Pool in the Rotten Forest spawns one Husk every time a soldier dies, so it's not recommended to use a lot of unupgraded militia in place of Paladins.


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