Hobgoblin Chiefs, called Hobgoblins in the iPhone version, are huge, heavily armoured goblin-like creatures wielding a massive bloody sword. They serve as mini-bosses in the Rage Valley Endless stage in Kingdom Rush. They have no encyclopedia entry. 


One Hobgoblin Chief is spawned every tenth wave of the level. As a mini-boss, they are functionally identical to giant enemies and have an area attack, but possess the stats on par with true bosses, are immune to instant kills and most afflictions, and take away 20 lives if leaked.


Block them with Barrack soldiers and pound them with excessive firepower. Soon it will be strong enough to overrun all your defenses, but until then, do your best.

Its health and damage rapidly rise with each appearance, reaching hundreds of damage and over 20,000 life. Combine with the Totems, especially the Healing Totem and Speed Totem, it pose a great threat if not countered well.

Use heroes that have very heavy armor, like Gerald Lightseeker and Hacksaw. They can stall them for a long period of time, but not for long starting at wave 50.

Hobgoblin Chief seems easy to kill at first, but extremely hard, especially past wave 30. They can end up stronger than bosses, which is more likely for a player to concentrate them before they escape. Even health could be the problem, because at wave 50 and onward, he has even more health than Sarelgaz, which has 18000 HP. Also, be aware of the damage because they deal very high damage, kills soldiers in seconds.

Rain of Fire is useful against them during wave 10, 20, 30, and perhaps, 40. Starting wave 50, Rain of Fire does almost nothing against them.

Hobgoblin Chief can deal up to 200-450 damage, 1000 bounty at most, and infinity health.

Wave HP
Damage Bounty
10 1600 2000 2400 40-90 200
20 3200 4000 4800 65-147
30 6400 8000 9600 106-239
40 9600 12000 14400 173-389 1000
50 16000 20000 24000 200-450 1000
60 39093 48866 58639 200-450 1000
70 63679 79599 95519 200-450 1000
80 103994 129992 159990 200-450 1000
90 168959 211199 253439 200-450 1000
100 275217 344021 412825 200-450 1000
110 448299 560374 672449 200-450 1000
120 730232 912790 1095348 200-450 1000
130 1189470 1486838 1784206 200-450 1000
140 1937521 2421901 2906281 200-450 1000
150 3156016 3945020 4734024 200-450 1000


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