Gunboats are special enemies found only in Port Tortuga. They do not have an encyclopedia entry.


A Gunboat spawns on waves 2, 4, 6, 8, 11 and 14 in Campaign mode, from the entrance west of the northern Pirate Watchtower. It will then proceed to move around the tower to the entrance east of it, while every now and then stopping to fire on your troops.

Gunboats have unlimited range, though they do not linger to kill all your soldiers like other ranged enemies. Instead, they only fire several volleys before leaving. Letting a Gunboat leave is not considered a leak, and thus does not reduce lives, but also does not grant the Gunboat's bounty.

Gunboats deal high damage and can most of the time easily kill your unupgraded soldiers and even Corsairs if you aren't careful; on the other hand, Templars and especially Boatswains can take a significant amount of shots. Gunboats cannot hit Ashbite or Bonehart .

Gunboats spawn very frequently in Iron Challenge mode: when a Gunboat leaves, another spawns after just a few seconds; sometimes there are even three Gunboats spawning next to each other. Gunboats do not appear in the Heroic Challenge.




  • Gunboats can be abducted by Sha'tra, however since there apparently is no animation for a Gunboat being abducted, it will simply vanish into thin air.
  • Similarly, when a Gunboat is eaten by Ashbite, it still shows blood and gore, as if the boat was actually an organic creature.
  • Gunboats are the biggest regular enemy across all three Kingdom Rush games.
  • The missiles sound different in the Steam version, from launch to impact, the latter of which is not the traditional artillery explosion sound effect like it is in mobile..

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