Gul'Thak is the boss of the elite stage Ruins of Acaroth.


The most feared Orc chieftain. His battle prowess is only matched by his incredibly boring campfire stories.

Gul'Thak is a dark green goblinoid creature with a white beard and white hair pulled back with a red scrunchie, a brown thong, and a staff similar to a shaman's. He rides an enormous boar. He can use his staff to heal his allies in battle every once in a while. When Gul'Thak dies, he's flung off his mount and crushed.


  • Gul'Thak arrives from the right entrance, so focus your towers accordingly. 
  • Block him with high-leveled Paladins and Elementals, or strong melee heroes with heavy armor. Gerald Lightseeker is the best to defeat Gul'Thak, because he can reflect boss' attacks to the source, dealing hundreds of damage, and surviving for a long time. If he is Level 10, he can kill Gul'Thak by himself if retreated when low on health and then sent against Gul'Thak again.
  • Use Teleport to set back other, lesser enemies, making Gul'Thak the only target of your towers.
  • Use Tesla Towers and Big Berthas to damage him, as the area damage caused by the towers will clear out the many troops that accompany him on the path.
  • Musketeers upgraded with Shrapnel Shot can also make quick work of Gul'Thak, due to Shrapnel Shot's high damage and fast reload time.


  • Gul'Thak's boar might be a reference to the symbol of war, a boar's head.




Gul'Thak's attacks.

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ORCS MUST DIE Defeat Gul'Thak and his minions.