Gul'Thak is the boss of the elite stage Ruins of Acaroth.


The most feared Orc chieftain. His battle prowess is only matched by his incredibly boring campfire stories.

Gul'Thak is a dark green goblinoid creature with a white beard and white hair pulled back with a red scrunchie, a brown thong, and a staff similar to a shaman's. He rides an enormous boar. He can use his staff to heal his allies in battle every once in a while. When Gul'Thak dies, he's flung off his mount and crushed.


  • Gul'Thak arrives from the right entrance, so focus your tower accordingly. 
  • Block him with strong melee heroes, high-leveled Paladins or Elementals.
  • Use Teleport to set back other, lesser enemies, making Gul'Thak the only target of your towers.
  • Use Tesla Towers and Big Berthas to damage him, as the area damage caused by the towers will clear out the many troops that accompany him on the path.
  • Musketeers upgraded with Shrapnel Shot can also make quick work of Gul'Thak, due to Shrapnel Shot's high damage and fast reload time.


  • Gul'Thak's boar might be a reference to the symbol of war, a boar's head.




Gul'Thak's attacks.

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ORCS MUST DIE Defeat Gul'Thak and his minions.