Greenmuck, also called Rotten Boss on the Steam version, is the boss of the elite level Rotten Forest in Kingdom Rush.


The heart of the Rotten Forest and its source of corruption."

He is a larger and more powerful version of the Tainted Treant, the only difference (aside from minor appearance changes) is the large acid pool on top of his head. Greenmuck is similar to other bosses except for a new attack which rains slime balls onto your soldiers anywhere on the map.


  • A lot of Tainted Treants appear in this level, thus it is highly recommended to use Arcane Wizards and Sorcerer Mages working with Big Berthas.
  • Greenmuck is especially susceptible to Sorcerers combined with Dragonbreath Launchers. Lining its path with these two, alternated, will take care of it.


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