KRO 01 GreyRavens
"General, a band of Gnolls approaches! They are beasts, who only think about looting and burning everything in their wake; but they will be sorry they ever left their arid hills...
For the Queen!"

Gray Ravens is the first, introductory level in the game comprised of 6 waves. The player starts with 9 Strategic Points to build at. Only level one towers are initially available.


Wave Composition


Wave Enemies
1 Gnoll Reaver x7 35
2 Gnoll Reaver x11 55
3 Gnoll Reaver x15 75
4 Gnoll Burner x3
Gnoll Reaver x5
Gnoll Burner x1
Gnoll Reaver x6
5 Gnoll Reaver x16 Gnoll Burner x7 115
6 Gnoll Burner x10
Gnoll Reaver x8
Gnoll Reaver x8
Gnoll Burner x3

Heroic Challenge

Wave Enemies
1 Gnoll Reaver x4 Gnoll Reaver x3 35
2 Gnoll Reaver x5
Gnoll Burner x3
3 Gnoll Burner x7 Gnoll Reaver x10 85
4 Gnoll Reaver x8
Gnoll Burner x4
Gnoll Reaver x8 100
5 Gnoll Burner x9 Gnoll Burner x9 90
6 Gnoll Reaver x8
Gnoll Burner x4
Gnoll Reaver x7
Gnoll Burner x7

Iron Challenge

Wave Enemies
1 Gnoll Reaver x17
Gnoll Burner x12
Gnoll Reaver x27
Gnoll Burner x17


  • Instructions:

Protect your land from enemy attacks
Build defensive Towers along the road to stop them

Tower Construction

Build towers on the Strategic Points to
stop the enemy hordes from getting through

Basic Tower Types

There are four basic tower types available

Elven Archers | Barracks | Mystic Mages | Stone Druids

KRO TowerBox Hunter Arbor

rate of fire

KRO TowerBox Defender Barracks

Soldiers block

KRO TowerBox Mystic Dais

armor piercing

KRO TowerBox Stone Circle

Deals area

  • New Enemy!
KRO EnemyBox Gnoll Reaver

Lowly creatures that serve as
forward troops of every gnoll

– Average speed
– Low health

  • New Special Unlocked
KRO Spells CallReinforcements

Call Reinforcements

You can summon troops to help
you on the battlefield.

Reinforcements are free and
you can call them every 10

Reinforcements are very
versatile, use them often.

  • New Enemy!
KRO EnemyBox Gnoll Burner

Malicious beasts that delight in
setting forests (and
creatures) on fire

– Average speed
– Ranged fire attack

  • Hint
Hero at your command!

Heroes are elite units that can face strong
enemies and support your forces.

Heroes gain experience every time they
damage an enemy or use an ability.

  • New Special Unlocked
KRO Spells StrikeofThunder

Blast your enemies with the fury
of the skies!

Thunderbolts are best saved for
an emergency or a great
opportunity, since they have a very
long cooldown.

Strike at groups of enemies
for the best coverage

  • New Special Unlocked
KRO Spells HeroSpell

Each Hero gives you a unique

Eridan allows you to call an
Arrow Storm with a medium
cooldown. Hero Spells can be
upgraded from the Hero Room.

Experiment with different heroes
to find the best for each level

Related Achievements

OrAchP1 1Party GET THE PARTY STARTED Win stage 1 with 3 stars.


  • Unlike the first levels of both previous games; Southport and Hammerhold; Gray Ravens is the first to have two entrances for enemies.
  • The name Gray Ravens is a play on Grey Havens, a place in Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, where the Elves, along with Gandalf and Frodo depart to at the end of the journey. The scene is depicted in the top left corner, where a wizard, a halfling and three elves stand by the coast.
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