The Gorillon is a jungle enemy in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers.


Large angry apes trained for battle. A force to be reckoned in the battlefield.

These creatures are very similar to Yetis in the first game, albeit with a little bit more health and significantly weaker area damage. They are very durable and deal decent damage with their attacks, but are unable to kill soldiers as effectively as the Yetis.


  • To counter them, it is advisable to use Archmages and Crossbow Forts with Barrage, in conjunction with Alric or Knights Templar. Gorillons take a long time to kill the men, all the while being pounded by the towers' heavy damage.
  • Assassins cannot dodge area attacks, but their Sneak Attack has a chance to kill its victim instantly. Use this to your advantage, with careful micromanagement.
  • Instant kills such as the DWAARP's Core Drill, Sha'tra's Abduction and Ashbite's Feast are generally effective against Gorillons, however, should not be relied on too heavily. Along with this note, Nivus' Disintegrate is mostly ineffective against the beasts, as it has a low cap on the target's health.
  • Grawl is the good way to stop him for a long time, but Alric works just as well as Grawl with the benefit of killing the Gorillon faster.


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