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EnemySqr Godieth
HP 8000 / 12000 / 16000
Damage 200-250
Armor Rating None
Magic Resistance None
Speed Medium
Lives Taken 20

Godieth the Dark Balrog (also known as Godieth the Infernal) is the boss of the mini-campaign Forgotten Treasures in Kingdom Rush: Origins.


A temperamental Pit Lord with some serious jealousy issues against his 'more famous' big brother.

After the Dwarves discovered a new substance in the Hollow Mountains, he was released by accident and wiped the dwarves out completely. On top of his main forces, he has taken command of the remaining whole of spiders, even Sons of Mactans. He has the ability to spit dark blood in an AoE that, like Dark Spitters' ranged attacks and Shadow Champions' death explosion, will turn friendly units into Shadowspawns if it kills them. His melee attack also does AoE damage.


A good strategy to defeat Godieth is simply to create a chokepoint and focus your damage output there. Use Bladesingers with level 3 Perfect Parry to hold him up, and support them with Forest Keepers with level 3 Circle of Life and many towers that can maximise damage on him. To deal with the enemies sneaking through while your barracks are holding him up, place one or two Golden Longbows in the back whom will fire at Godieth when they can, and otherwise murder enemies walking past it. Due to the fact this boss has no armor you can be pretty flexible in the types of towers you use, but try to use towers with a high fire rate like Wild Magus or Arcane Archers to dispatch of him quickly. It may possibly help to sell most non-magic towers as none of the forces that accompany Godieth will include any spiders.

Godieth always targets Bolverk if he's still alive.



Godieth is based on Durin's Bane, the Balrog that was uncovered by the Dwarves in Moria. The 'more famous' big brother also references said Balrog.

Related achievements

Ach PickofD THE PICK OF DESTINY Defeat Godieth the Dark Balrog


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