God King
Haha! So you come to face me? The God King? Your insolence will be your undoing!

The God King sits atop the giant golden throne in the Ruins of Nas'de, watching the battle.


GodKing Spell

The God King casting spells

Slaves cower before the whip as they work endless in the ruins, the lucky two act as foot rests for the God King, who taunts you and casts spells designed to help his troops and overwhelm yours.

The first is an Obelisk with glowing purple runes down the side. The obelisk will appear in a path and start spawning Fallen before disappearing.
The second is a large pool of Quicksand, not unsimilar in appearance to the Sand Worm. Enemies that walk over the quicksand will disappear into it and pop up further along the path.
The third is a Sand Cloak, where small groups of enemies will become partially transparent, with small clouds of sand around them, allowing them to move past towers and soldiers without being noticed.


  • Haha! So you come to face me? The God King? Your insolence will be your undoing!
  • Gnome trinkets may help you! But won't save you!
  • For glory's sake, WAR!
  • Aren't we always sometimes monsters?
  • I'll teach you how to die mortal!
  • Nothing will stop the march of my Empire!
  • I like you begging! Do it again!
  • One world, one master. Kneel before me!
  • I'll sand you down to nothingness!
  • I have seen your future.. and it does not look good!
  • All you are is sand in the wind!


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