Goblin Sappers are Goblins armed with grenades, which only appear in the elite stage, Ruins of Acaroth.


Hardened and fearless goblins that run into battle tossing bombs at their enemies.

Goblin Sappers are essentially more powerful Shadow Archers. Similar to all other ranged enemies, they force you to do some annoying micromanagement with moving rally points, or your soldiers will sit there and gladly get blasted into pieces. Their grenades deal area damage and can quickly and easily wreck all soldiers in unupgraded Barracks; however, just like their mundane counterparts, Goblin Zappers lack durability and can be killed easily.

When a Goblin Sapper dies, his backpack full of grenades explodes, dealing area damage to all soldiers next to him.


  • Like all other ranged enemies, Goblin Sappers have a tendency to get cluttered together to throw grenades at the same soldier; therefore, a Big Bertha is a good way to quickly get rid of them. Also on this note, Paladins with fully upgraded Healing Light, and optionally Shield of Valor, can be useful as a distraction. The Tesla is also a good way to kill Sappers, as the Overcharge upgrade will deal damage to all Sappers in a line.
  • The bomb deals around 50 damage.



  • In new version of mobile, they are called "Goblin Sapper"