Goblins are the first and weakest enemies encountered in Kingdom Rush.


Small evil humanoids with no outstanding abilities.

Goblins are the weakest enemies in the game, and the weakest beginning enemies in the series (Desert Thugs and Gnoll Reavers have 50 HP each). They may pose a threat in the early levels when in large groups but are very weak by themselves. Later on, they are easily dealt with by almost anything.


  • A Dwarven Artillery can take on hordes of goblins in one shot, a fact that comes in very handy in the early stages. Two Dwarven Bombards have the same capability, and are cheaper in comparison, but are less reliable.
  • Because of the fairly rapid fire rate of archers, they can take on medium-sized groups of goblins.
  • Legionnaires with or without Spear-throw can kill Goblins in 1 or 2 hits.
  • In hard mode, Goblins can stand toe-to-toe with unupgraded reinforcements.
  • Do not rely on mages, especially in later levels, where they appear in numbers that can easily bypass even Sorcerer Mages.
  • Because goblins are easy to defeat, try to place more towers in the stage rather than upgrade a few towers