Gnoll Gnawers are large, scarred, armoured gnoll warriors. They are the first armoured enemies encountered in Kingdom Rush: Origins.


Huge armoured and scarred gnoll warriors that lead their kin into battle.

Gnolls are not particularly brave, and rely on sheer numbers to overwhelm their enemies. Gnoll Gnawers get confident when lots of allies are around, giving them a boost to their damage. If those allies die or don't stay close to him, his courage (and damage bonus) disappear at once.

Gnoll Gnawers are essentially the players' introduction to physical armour. As such, they aren't very difficult to dealt with unless you have been neglecting magic towers. Certain Gnoll Gnawers are carried into battle by Perythons, allowing them to temporarily bypass soldiers and druids until the Perythons are forced to drop them.

In the Hulking Rage mini-campagin, Gnoll Gnawers can be crystallized by Bloodsydian crystals or Blood Ogres into the faster, more powerful Blood Gnolls.