Gnoll Burners are gnolls wielding torches that they throw at soldiers. They are the second enemy encountered in Kingdom Rush: Origins.


"Malicious beasts that delight in setting forests and creatures on fire."

Gnoll Burners pose a threat in early levels, as their attacks burn your troops, dealing Fire Damage, a form of True Damage. However, their low health and lack of armor and magic resistance make them easy targets for your towers.

In the Hulking Rage mini-campaign, they can be crystallized by Bloodsydian crystals or Blood Ogres into the faster, more powerful Blood Gnolls.

In two levels, Redwood Stand and Galadrian's Wall, Gnoll Burners are seen torching forests, burning them down to open new paths, even destroying a Bastion and an archer garrison in the latter level.


Ranged enemies such as the Gnoll Burner are less dangerous in Origins than they are in the past games because your soldiers now have a ranged attack, but are still powerful in groups. Regardless, it is wise to leave your Hunters, Mystics, and Circles to deal with them lest they clear the way for frailer enemies.