Gnoll Blighters are Gnoll wizards wielding the powers of decay.


Defilers of nature that command forces of death and decay.

Gnoll Blighters are rare but powerful enemies capable of dishing out heavy damage, as well as soaking up quite a lot of hits, thanks to their high HP and magic resistance.

With their powers over death and decay, Gnoll Blighters can weave a spell capable of withering Magic Blossoms, preventing them from producing magic bolts. With a very short cooldown and decent duration, even a single Gnoll Blighter can effectively render all Magic Blossoms near him useless unless silenced by a Wild Magus or Faustus.


  • Gnoll Blighters have a deadly magical ranged attack able to severely wound soldiers in seconds. However, due to their pitiful melee damage, moving your units into combat with them will stop Blighters for an extended period of time. One can also dodge their rather slow wolf-like bolts by relocating units into another position.
  • Their ranged attack can only move along the ground, so flying heroes Phoenix and Faustus are able to attack them without being at risk.
  • One or more Arcane Archers near the entrance can ruin Blighters as their arrows will quickly deplete the Blighters' magic resistance, and then they will fall easily to a Wild Magus. The decent physical damage of the arrows can also harm Blighters very well.



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