Gloomies are flying enemies encountered in Kingdom Rush: Origins. They are small, dark grey creatures that appear to be hybrids of faeries and flies. They buzz around the Faery Forest with medium-sized white wings.


Nasty dark faeries that duplicate themselves to form overwhelming forces.

Though individually Gloomies are easy to kill, they have the very annoying power to duplicate themselves. As they usually come in large numbers right from the entrances, they can quickly amass a huge and unmanageable swarm if not taken care of early. Even worse, since Gloomies can fly, the standard counter to large tarpits - Druids - are highly ineffective against them.

Duplicates of the original one that spawns during a wave do not give any gold when killed, making these enemies very annoying.


  • Gloomies are usually first priority when they appear, unless extremely dangerous enemies such as Bandersnatches are also attacking.
  • Venom Vines are effective against Gloomies, as any Gloomy hit by the Venom Vine is guaranteed to die, even on Veteran difficulty.
  • The Twilight Avenger's blasting curse can be actually helpful against Gloomies - killing a cursed Gloomy is often enough to clear the entire swarm.
  • A different approach is to build Arcane Archers with Burst Arrow early. This skill is able to deal area damage to the flying Gloomies, and even at level 1 can destroy a large number of these enemies in just one burst.

Related Achievements

OrAchP2 7Gloom GLOOMICIDE Defeat 100 gloomies before they duplicate.


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