Giant Spiders move very quickly and have high resistance to magic.


Quick, vicious enemies resistant to magic.

These spiders are much larger than real-life spiders, hence its name, but they are quite small in comparison to other units, despite its name.


  • Do not use magic towers against Giant Spiders. They are very resistant to magical attacks.
  • Because Giant Spiders are so fast, towers with long reload times (artillery) may not have enough time to kill them. Use archer towers to avoid this problem.
  • These enemies often come in swarms. Use barracks to prevent them from overwhelming you.
  • To counter these, set up a choke point. The barracks will stop them from leaking past, and the bombs will blow them up like cannon fodder.



  • Contrary to all other enemies, the Giant Spiders' name is pluralised in the game, even in regard to single specimens.