Giant Scorpions are heavily armored enemies with the ability to poison troops.


Vicious, poisonous predatory beasts, protected by a thick carapace.

Giant Scorpions are very difficult to deal with because of their heavy armor rating. Their appearance in early level makes them one of the toughest enemies, due to the lack of high-level Mages. Apart from the armor they have, Giant Scorpions can poison soldiers with a venomous stinger (cooldown: 10 seconds), dealing 60 True Damage over 5 seconds, allowing them to quickly eliminate low-level units and pass through your defense easily.

For some reason, Giant Scorpions are classed as humanoids instead of beasts, so they can be reanimated as Skeleton Knights by Necromancer Tower.


  • Use upgraded Mage Towers to deal with them, level 3 Mages should be sufficient. Block them with soldiers or hero to buy time for the Mages to unleash their barrage, or put several Mages along the path they take.
  • Make sure you back up the Mages with Archers or Artillery to take care of other enemies that the Mages are weak against, namely the magic-resistant War Hounds and the numerous Desert Thugs.
  • You can use the following units to block Giant Scorpions:
    • Assassins: They can dodge the Scorpions' poisonous attack and deal heavy damage to them with Sneak Attack.
    • Grawl: The rock giant is immune to poison and able to deal True Damage with Shard Punch, piercing the Giant Scorpions' armor.
    • Alric: He is not immune to poison, but his high health and numerous Sand warriors soak up the damage easily.
    • Kutsao: Similar to Assassins, he can dodge attacks and deal True Damage to Scorpions.
  • In Dunes of Despair, you can use the Genies to instant kill them.