Giant Rats are enemies that appear in the Curse of Castle Blackburn mini-campaign in the Steam, iOS, and Android versions of Kingdom Rush.


Vicious rodents with razor sharp teeth that can tear through almost everything.

Giant rats have low health, no armor, no magic resistance, but their fast speed and their disease can tear through your defenses easily. In addition, they almost always come in packs which make them difficult to be stopped and may spawn from everywhere, so beware of the piles of trash from which they might emerge. Barracks are virtually useless, because of the rats' potent disease which will cripple even Paladins in a matter of seconds. 

Giant Rats will also spawn from Trash Piles, so make sure you have towers in place to prevent accidental leakage.


  • Giant Rats always come in groups and because of their low health, the Tesla x104 or the Big Bertha can smash them easily.
  • Rangers Hideout with the Wrath of the Forest upgrade can kill them instantly if upgraded fully or block them for the other towers.


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