Ghouls are new enemies encountered in the Shadowmoon mini-campaign in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers.


Ravenous flesh-eating undead, they hunt in packs.


  • They are fairly durable with armor and decent health, along with fast speed. Block them with any level 4 Barrack and skeletons for towers to damage them.
  • DWAARP with upgraded Furnace Blast, Crossbow Fort's Barrage, and Archmage Tower's Critical Mass can decimate the entire army of Ghouls with ease, along with other enemies that might be encumbering.
  • Regular DWAARPs work well with thanks to their ability to stun any enemy. The ghoul's high speed means that they must be stopped to inflict enough damage to kill them as their high damage means that they kill troops in no time especially with help from the moon.
  • Durable melee heroes such as Alric or Grawl, preferably the latter as he possesses an Instant kill and an area stunning attack able to stop the speedy ghouls in their tracks for towers to kill them.


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