Ghosts are lost souls wandering the southern Valardul Wastes that appear in the Shadowmoon mini-campaign in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers. They are one of the three enemies in the series that are completely immune to physical damage, the others being Phantom Warriors and Spectral Knights.


Tortured spirits that roam the wastes, seeking release from their eternal suffering.

Ghosts have the unique ability to ignore soldiers and terrain - they might choose to follow the preset paths like other enemies, or just bypass them all together to reach the exits; either way, no soldier will be able to stop them. They are also completely immune to physical damage of any kind, making mages absolutely vital in stopping them - otherwise, they don't have much health and can be defeated without much difficulty unless if you've been neglecting magic towers, though beware of Ghouls and other fast enemies that can distract mages from shooting at Ghosts.

Ghosts (along with Bats) are the only enemies in the Shadowmoon mini-campaign that do not benefit from the full Moon. Being incorporeal creatures, they also do not leave corpses for Necromancer Tower to use.


  • Archmage Towers will almost assuredly kill them in a single shot, making them the best candidates for taking them out.
  • Necromancers also work great as they attack fast, allowing them to moderately control larger numbers.
  • Twister deals damage to ghosts, so use this to defeat large hordes of ghosts.
  • The DWAARP's Furnace Blast can kill ghosts in one shot along while dealing collateral damage to enemies nearby but is not recommended because of its pricey upgrade cost.
  • Bruxa's Voodoo Doll is especially effective against Ghosts, as they have very little HP and are usually very numerous. Position her near one when a horde is on the map to take full advantage.
  • Lucrezia's Cloak ability can actually damage and one-shot Ghosts, so remember to micro manage her to take them out as she's also focusing on Vampiresa.