Genies are powerful mercenaries who can be hired in Mercenary Camps in the Dunes of Despair.


Genies are formidable creatures. They fight with magic and fist alike but ask for a lot of gold.

Genies, alongside Legionnaires, can be hired from the Mercenary Camp. They share a limit of three soldiers per camp. Genies are twice as expensive, but are much more powerful, and should be prioritized unless if the player is short in gold.


  • Genies excel in melee combat and can quickly dispose most enemies without trouble, however caution should be taken when Immortals are present in numbers, as an Immortal, though weaker, can still inflict a lot of damage before dying.
  • Genies also have the ability to polymorph enemies into a treasure chest, a dancing frog or a golden harp. Unlike the Sorcerer Mages, Genies cannot polymorph flying enemies, though the money from the enemy is still intact and their polymorph instantly kills enemies.
  • Definitely do not allow them to stand toe-to-toe with Giant Scorpions as the Poison Damage of these enemies will heavily wound Genies, while the heavy armor lower the damage taken from Genies' blows. Instead, support the Genies with high level Mages, Reinforcements and/or a melee hero, allowing them to recharge their deadly polymorph skill and get rid of the Scorpions easily
  • Always keep your Genies away from the Sand Worm, or your spent gold will become naught as the enormous beast swallows them.


  • Yes, master.
  • As you wish.


  • Achaiah
  • Damabiah
  • Haziel
  • Iah-Hel
  • Jeliel
  • Khuddam
  • Nith-Haiah
  • Qorrash
  • Sayatin
  • Yerathel

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