Gargoyles are the first and most basic flying enemies in Kingdom Rush.


Vile winged creatures that can fly past barracks and artillery.

Gargoyles are very weak, almost weaker than Goblins. They do not do anything except fly.


Gargoyles are as previously stated, incredibly weak. With no armor and no means to attack your units, they pose a very limited threat. Low-level Archer and Mage towers will be able to dispatch them as long as they are adequately spread out so to reach all targets, but any advanced towers will vanquish them in seconds. If your Mages’ upgrades are maxed out, then the Gargoyles will be slowed down and your archers can finish the off before they get too far into the map.

The only time you may have issues with them is if they are accompanied on the same path by lots of other enemies causing your attacks to spread out and not hit all your targets. Also, any Iron or Heroic levels that prevent you from building Archer or Mages can be difficult if you have not upgraded your towers to a point where they can damage flying enemies (Barbarians with Axe Throw, Big Bertha's Dragonbreath Missiles or the Tesla x104 are the only way to cause damage).


  • Despite the Gargoyle being unable to engage any units, it still has a statistic for attack damage. It shares this trait with the Demon Imp


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