Fungus Breeders are evil faeries riding giant mushrooms that live in the Faery Forest in Kingdom Rush: Origins.


Masters of mushrooms who wander about infecting the land with their spores.

Fungus Breeders are relatively squishy enemies with the ability to transform the weak, numerous, volatile Boomshrooms into the bigger, more powerful Munchshrooms. When leaking, they take out 4 lives, the highest of any enemy in Origins.

Overall Fungus Breeders aren't a big threat. They usually appear very late, many waves into a level, at which point your Druids can blow up groups of Boomshrooms and Munchshrooms alike; and with only 500 HP, it isn't likely that the Fungus Breeder can survive your defenses to leak either. When a Fungus Breeder dies, two Munchshrooms spawn from its corpse. Contrary to the game bio, they do not deal explosive damage upon splitting.


  • In general, attempt to defeat them before they can get close to the exits. Doing so will leave ample time for you finish off the mushrooms spawned afterwards.
  • Weirdwoods can deal considerable damage with Clobber, stunning them as well. Fiery Nut can nearly completely kill them with the damage that it does at maximum level.
  • The Arch-Druid Henge can also do good damage and use Runed Bears to stall them until their death, and absorb the damage from the following Munchshroom and Boomshroom hordes.
  • If they are killed by Eldritch Doom, Soul Burn, or Branchball, no enemies will be spawned from their corpse, as it is destroyed by the insta-kill.