Forest Trolls are massive, hulking beasts, cousins to the Trolls of the Ha'Kraj Plateau. Their fast regeneration rate and high health make them one of the most feared enemies in Kingdom Rush.


The biggest and hardest to kill troll species, these behemoths can regenerate their wounds almost instantly.

Forest Trolls are one of the toughest enemies in Kingdom Rush: they have the most health of all regular enemies, tied with the legendary twilight golem, and their regeneration prevents low-level towers from slowly wearing them down. Even Rain of Fire does negligible damage to these behemoths. Thankfully, they are quite rare and have no armor, which should be exploited to the fullest.


  • With their high health and regeneration ability, a Forest Troll can survive your towers' punishment for an extended period of time. Thus, instant kills such as the Arcane Wizard's Death Ray (which can be combined with teleport) or the Musketeer Garrison's Sniper Shot are recommended to quickly dispatch these enemies. As Forest Trolls are generally much less numerous than other enemies, two towers with instant kill upgraded should be enough to handle them. Along with this note, during the final waves of Ruins of Acaroth, Forest Trolls spawn much more frequently, thus, it is recommended to prepare block power and instant kills beforehand.
  • The Ranger Hideout's Wrath of the Forest can stop the Forest Troll's regen for other towers to kill or weaken.
  • The Sorcerer Mage's Elemental can hold off a Forest Troll for quite a while: the same can be said for Paladins, though backup is required for both. It is also possible to hold off Forest Trolls by use of the Arcane Wizard's Teleport spell, due to their sluggish speed, the giants usually cannot pass before the skill recharges.
  • Do not waste Rain of Fire on Forest Trolls if they are still moving. If you have the Scorched Earth upgrade, ensure the Forest Troll is engaged in combat before hitting them and let the additional damage do its job.


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