The Footmen Barracks is a Level 2 Melee Tower, upgraded from the basic Militia Barracks. It trains three footmen to block the path. The tower is the same in both Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, with only a change in appearance.

They regenerate 7 HP per second when not in combat.


Footmen are better trained and equipped than basic militia. They can become the backbone of a good army.

Footmen have more health, better armor, and stronger weapons than militia. While still not the best soldiers, they can hold off quite a number of enemies.

By stage 4, Twin Rivers, the Footmen Barracks can be upgraded into the Knights Barracks (Level 3).


  • Have support for your footmen as small groups of brigands and bandits cans still overwhelm them with ease.
  • Footmen lack good damage, so be sure to upgrade to a Knight Barracks as fast as possible as they usually won't stand a chance against strong enemies. Footmen are usually useless in Elite Levels


For honour and glory!

For the king!

Have at thee!