Flareons are demons with the ability to throw balls of fire. They damage nearby soldiers upon death and are resistant to magic.


These vile creatures can hurl devastating balls of fire, and they always attack in groups.

Flareons are basically Demon Spawn with a ranged attack that burns soldiers, are faster, and better magic resistance. Their ranged attack forces you to do some annoying micromanagement with moving rally points, or your troops will sit there and happily get burned into ashes. However, Flareons are generally less threatening than Demon Spawn: they usually spawn later in the game, have a tendency to cluster together (like all ranged enemies), making them vulnerable to artillery, and since they often stand at a distance from soldiers, infernal combustion is much less of a threat.


  • Flareons' low health and tendency to get cluttered together make them especially susceptible to artillery.
  • Flareon's fireballs cannot harm Ignus, who is made of fire, making him an excellent damage sponge against them.


  • Flareons' fireballs deal fire damage, which ignores all armor but cannot harm Ignus.



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