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Fallen Knight
EnemySqr FallenKnight
HP 800/1000/1200
Damage 24-76
Armor Rating None
Magic Resistance Great (90%)
Speed Slow
Lives Taken 1
Bounty 40
Fallen Knights are heavily armoured corrupted knights that appear in the Curse of Castle Blackburn mini-campaign in the Steam, iOS, and Android versions of Kingdom Rush.


Tainted knights who follow a dark path of blood and slaughter.

Fallen Knights are very similar to Dark Slayers in Vez'nan's army: slow, sluggish but very powerful in combat, able to quickly cleave through soldiers with ease. However, unlike the heavily armoured Dark Slayers, Fallen Knights have no armour but instead are virtually impenetrable to magical attacks with their 90% resistance, making high-levelled archers and artillery essential to stop them. Even death cannot stop them, as when Fallen Knights are killed, they'll immediately return as Spectral Knights, with the ability to boost their living comrades and complete immunity to physical damage; only when the Spectral Knight is slain is the Fallen Knight dead for good. The Spectral Knights' physical immunity and the Fallen Knights' high magic resistance make a very powerful and annoying combo when they spawn together.


  • Teslas deal very high damage to them.
  • Rangers are also useful, especially with Wrath of the Forest, which traps them and deals good damage.
  • Magic Instant kills (Death Ray and Death Strike) prevent Fallen Knights from turning into Spectral Knights, but physical ones (Sniper Shot and Tiiiimber!) do not prevent this.
  • Fallen Knights have a fast attack speed so be warned when using low level troops or heroes with low or no armor.


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