Executioners are gigantic brutes that appear in the desert stages of Kingdom Rush: Frontiers. They wield huge, blood-stained axes capable of killing its victim in one swift strike.


An unstoppable killing force, a strike from its axe delivers a swift death.

The first Executioner is encountered in Buccaneer's Den, where he cuts a lane through the swath of forest to the eastern side of the area, adding another path for enemies.

Executioners have the unique ability to instantly kill any soldier they hit, no matter their health, instead of the common area attack; while this forces them to kill soldiers one by one, they can do so very quickly. The only way to avoid this is the Assassins' ability to dodge.

Executioners cannot 1-hit kill heroes, instead dealing 30-60 damage in every strike.


  • Soldiers will be mostly useless against Executioners, however, their slow speed and lack of armor make them fairly easy to kill for other towers.
  • The Assassins can dodge Executioners' attacks effectively when they have had Dodge II or III, while dealing heavy damage. Use this to your advantage, and watch out for Desert Archers. You can also take advantage of the Sneak Attack's instant kill chance to quickly get rid of Executioners before all your men are killed.
  • Keep Corsairs and Buccaneers away from Executioners, they cost gold and thus cannot be replaced as easily as soldiers.
  • As Executioners cannot kill instantly heroes, send in powerful melee heroes, such as Alric, Kahz, Kutsao and Grawl to block them.