Ettins are two-headed giants that live in the forest and Gnoll Hills in Kingdom Rush: Origins. Their two heads usually do not get along well with each other, to the point of frequently using their clubs to smack the other head, stunning themselves in the middle of the battlefield.


Two-headed and dim-witted, these vicious giants wield trees as maces.

Ettins are the first giant enemies encountered in Kingdom Rush: Origins. Boasting 900 HP, though again with no armour, along with 85-95 ATK and regeneration, the Ettin is one mean customer. You need archers and mages for the DPS needed to tear through that immense amount of health, or else even with optimised micromanagement to stop other enemies capable of getting in the way of your other towers, you're simply not killing the Ettin, in spite of its slow speed and tendency to stun itself with its club.

The high ATK makes it inefficient to stagger the Ettin, who can smash through barracks very quickly. The Ettin's intent is to make sure that you are able to work without relying too much on druids or Thunderbolt, which simply do not do much against it due to all that HP.

Related Achievements

OrAchP1 5Tail BRAVE LITTLE TAILOR Don't let the hero die against an Ettin on Stage 4.



  • The name Ettin comes from the Old English word eōten meaning giant.