This page contains a list of environments encountered in Kingdom Rush, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers and Kingdom Rush: Origins.


Env Grassland

The Plains are the first environment encountered in Kingdom Rush and the most common in the game. It is characterised by light green grass, occasional bodies of water and a surrounding of trees. As it primarily represents the outlying farmlands of Lineria, there are examples of agriculture ranging from fields growing crops, huts with straw roofs and windmills. Sheep are commonly found grazing off the path. As the first environment introduced, there are few unique features. However, once the main campaign has been complete and the Elite levels open the Canopy feature is introduced. There are no towers exclusive to the Plains, although the Imperial Guard can be found guarding The Citadel, and a Sylvan Elf Hall occupies the Silveroak Forest.

MiniLevel 0001 Southport
MiniLevel 0002 Outskirts
The Farmlands
MiniLevel 0003 Pagras
MiniLevel 0004 TwinRiver
Twin Rivers
MiniLevel 0005 Silveroak
Silveroak Forest
MiniLevel 0006 Citadel
The Citadel
MiniLevel 0014 Acaroth
Ruins of Acaroth
MiniLevel 0017 Hushwood
MiniLevel 0018 Bandits
Bandit's Lair
MiniLevel 0023 RageValley
Rage Valley


Env Mountain

The Mountains are the second environment encountered in Kingdom Rush, easily recognisable for their high mountain faces, and snow covered ground. Forestry, though sparse, is also covered in a light dusting of. There is evidence that mining is or was commonplace, and the open Caves now serve as shortcuts for enemy troops. Sheep are replaced by the more durable Mountain Goat. A friendly Sasquatch can be lured out of its cave and the powerful Sunray Tower can sometimes be found in this environment. High up on the tallest peaks, paths covered in Ice aid enemies with skills designed to take advantage of it.

MiniLevel 0007 Coldstep
Coldstep Mines
MiniLevel 0008 Icewind
Icewind Pass
MiniLevel 0009 Stormcloud
Stormcloud Temple
MiniLevel 0013 Sarelgaz
Sarelgaz's Lair
MiniLevel 0019 Glacial
Glacial Heights
MiniLevel 0020 Hakraj
Ha'Kraj Plateau


Env Waste

The Wastes are a desolate and barren area, riddled with fire, ash and dust. There is very little life here, and that which does grow is a warped and twisted version of what it should be. There are no critters roaming the land, but there are a number of hazards that cause trouble. Enemies spawn from Graveyards, a Magma Field, and Poison Pools, though a lone Sylvan Elf Hall tries to make a difference in the dead forests. A more hellish part of the wastes presented itself in the ruins of the Dark Tower, where lava flows, Thermal Fissures open up in the path and portals to an unearthly realm are built.

MiniLevel 0010 TheWastes
The Wastes
MiniLevel 0011 Forsaken
Forsaken Valley
MiniLevel 0012 DarkTower
The Dark Tower
MiniLevel 0015 Rotten
Rotten Forest
MiniLevel 0016 Fungal
Fungal Forest
MiniLevel 0021 PitFire
Pit of Fire
MiniLevel 0022 Pandaemon

Haunted Wastes

Env HWaste

The Haunted Wastes are similar in appearance to the wastes, however instead of fire and ash, they have the remains of a civilisation long since abandoned. The empty villages are now home to a number of undead creatures. It is featured in Kingdom Rush in the Curse of Castle Blackburn campaign and in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers as part of the Shadowmoon mini-campaign, making it the only environment to be featured in more than one game. In CoCB, Skeleton Piles, Zombie Graves and Trash spawn foes, whilst in Shadowmoon the Moon plays an important role, and mad scientists operate a Dark Forge.

MiniLevel SM01 Rotwick
MiniLevel SM02 Ancient Necropolis
Ancient Necropolis
MiniLevel SM03 Nightfang Swale
Nightfang Swale
MiniLevel SM04 Castle Blackburn
Castle Blackburn
MiniLevel 0019 Bonesburg
MiniLevel 0020 DesGrove
Desecrated Grove
MiniLevel 0021 Cheatau
Dusk Chateau


Env Desert

The desert is the first environment found in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers. It is sparsely populated, with the only settlements appearing in the first few levels. As the campaign progresses, the desert becomes more barren, with the skeletal remains of dozens of creatures both small and large littering the landscape, and the occasional cacti or oasis appearing where it can. Vultures wait patiently atop rocks whilst docile Camels and Banta grade on what little foliage there is. Despite the sparse population, the Duskar tribe and the Sandworm are both dangerous encounters, whilst Legion Archers, and a Mercenary Camp offer you support when needed.

Eventually the desert leads to the sea where pirates hang out in the SCUMM Bar, and the Pirate Cap loans you the use of his ships mighty cannons. Her the waters edge laps gently against the sand shore, and the edges of the jungle begin to creep in.

MiniLevel 0001 Hammerhold
MiniLevel 0002 Sandhawk
Sandhawk Hamlet
MiniLevel 0003 SapeOasis
Sape Oasis
MiniLevel 0004 DunesDespair
Dunes of Despair
MiniLevel 0005 Bucaneer
Buccaneer's Den
MiniLevel 0006 Nazeru
Nazeru's Gates
MiniLevel 0023 Nasde
Ruins of Nas'de


Env Jungle

Found after crossing the desert, the jungle offers a change of pace. A thick canopy of tropical trees and dangerous wildlife surrounds you at every turn. Despite this, the jungle hides many secrets. An active Volcano sits in the centre of a village of bloodthirsty tribesmen and a strange crashed Spaceship lies buried, surrounded by alien eggs. Vicious Snapvines prey on the living, seeing no difference between friend or foe. Your only allies in this place are the Spear Maidens and a few lost pirates who have set up another SCUMM Bar.

Deeper into the forest, many lost temples rest. Some dedicated to long forgotten gods, others suffering a more terrifying fate.

MiniLevel 0007 Crimson
Crimson Valley
MiniLevel 0008 Snapvine
Snapvine Bridge
MiniLevel 0009 LostJungle
Lost Jungle
MiniLevel 0010 Maqwa
Ma'qwa Urqu
MiniLevel 0011 Saqra
Temple of Saqra
MiniLevel TempEthEvl
Temple of Ethereal Evil


Env Underground

The underground is found deep beneath the mountains of the frontiers. Dark and dank, they are littered with the forgotten skeletons and weapons of long dead explorers whilst crystalline gems seem to grow out of the walls. Deep crevasses have formed near the path, the bottoms of which cannot be seen, but thick vines grow up the sids of the cliff face. Torches burn in some places, perhaps left there by the small Dwarven settlement, which offer you the support of their Dwarven Bastion and Dwarf Hall and the aid of the hero Rurin Longbeard.

In the deepest parts of the underground, a black dragon guards its vast fortune of stolen gold, whilst a dark creature waits, trapped in a crystal prison.

MiniLevel 0012 Underpass
The Underpass
MiniLevel 0013 Beresad
Beresad's Lair
MiniLevel 0014 DarkDescent
The Dark Descent
MiniLevel 0015 Emberspike
Emberspike Depths
MiniLevel 0022 Darlight
Darklight Depths


Env Beach

The beaches are a little encountered environment, the true master here is the sea. Enemies come from docked ships at first, but later emerge from the depths themselves to attack you. It is only thanks to the presence of more allies in the form of the Pirate Watchtower, SCUMM Bar occupants and The Black Corsair that you do not fall victim to the Deep Devils.

Whatever dark deeds they perform, you can make an offering to the great Shrine of Regnos in the hope that the god of the sea aids you in your fight.

MiniLevel 0016 Tortuga
Port Tortuga
MiniLevel 0017 StormAtoll
Storm Atoll
MiniLevel 0018 SunkenCit
The Sunken Citadel


Env Woods

The first environment of Kingdom Rush: Origins, the Elven Woodlands are alive with lush greenery, Magic Blossoms, tall and broad trees, and a host of wild fauna. as the woodland is near to the coast, a raging River passes through, providing cover for enemies to pass under the waterfalls. The mighty Redwood stands above the Elven capital, protecting Awoks who live in its high branches, whilst the fearless Gryphon Riders patrol the eastern borders.

To the north of the Woodland, the forest clears out to make way for the quarries where the enemy forces slaves to mine the deadly Bloodsydian.

MiniLevel 0001 Ravens
Grey Ravens
MiniLevel 0002 HighCross
The High Cross
MiniLevel 0003 Waterfalls
Waterfall Trails
MiniLevel 0004 Redwood
Redwood Stand
MiniLevel 0005 RoyalGardens
Royal Gardens
MiniLevel 0006 Gryphon
Gryphon Point
Mini Galadrian
Galadrian's Wall
Mini Quarry
Blood Quarry
Mini Seat
Beheader's Seat
MiniLevel Endless Valors Rest
Valor's Rest

Enchanted Forest

Env Enchanted

Lying to the east of the Elven city, the enchanted wood is home to a great many creatures that were thought to be legend. Dust Trails cover many hidden paths, whilst Beanstalks, Venom Vines and Mushroom Patches grow undisturbed. A beautiful lake is home to a powerful creature that can shatter crystals with its screech. The natives of this land, offer you what help they can with their Shroom Game and Gnome Garden.

Further north, the enchantment is gradually replaced by a more foreboding twilight, as we venture into the land of the Twilight Elves. Sleeping Trees grow here, but all other friendly life has been eradicated.

MiniLevel 0007 Rockhenge
MiniLevel 0008 Grimmsburg
MiniLevel 0009 CrystalLake
The Crystal Lake
MiniLevel 0010 Neverwonder
MiniLevel 0011 Unseelie
The Unseelie Court
MiniLevel DuskwoodOutpost
Duskwood Outpost
MiniLevel DuredhelOutskirts
Duredhel Outskirts


Env FirstCity

The ruins of the first Elven city float in the skies above the barren land, held aloft by some unknown power. Though still grand and beautiful, they have become the hunting grounds of the Spider Queen and her brood. Spiderwebs cover must of the path and have been strung between the gaps of platforms, where previously only ancient magic teleporters would allow movement between the two. However the ruins are not without their surprises. An egg in a Dragon Nest nears hatching and a young black dragon attacks in return for gold. A Renegade Post has taken watch over the most sacred of places, the precious Tear of Elynie, a much sought after source of power and sacred treasure to the Elves.

MiniLevel 0012 Ascent
The Ascent
MiniLevel 0013 Arcane
Arcane Quarters
MiniLevel 0014 Retreat
Mactans' Retreat
MiniLevel 0015 Shrine
Shrine of Elynie

Dwarf Caves

Env HollowMoun

Deep beneath the Hollow Mountain range is the remains of a once great Dwarf civilisation. Once a prospering community of miners, now their skeletons lie alongside the golden treasures they collected. Now hordes of hungry spiders and merciless dark creatures are all that roam the corridors of the city. Yet deeper into the caverns lava flows, blows, and from it rises a terrible beast. Only the lone Varl Bolverk stands in its way.

MiniLevel DwaramanGate
Dwaraman Gates
MiniLevel TaintedPit
Tainted Pit

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