"The nomad tribes do not take kindly to trespassers, so don't provoke the desert's fiercest denizens, the Duskar!"

Two Duskar warriors: a sniper and his spotter, supervise the battle at the Sape Oasis. They stand far enough to be away from the heat of the battle, but close enough in firing range.

The Duskar sniper is armed with a sniper rifle that deals 100 damage. More often than not, his target is an enemy, but sometimes a soldier or your Hero might become a victim as well.


  • The Duskar land a shoot every several seconds, often killing or crippling the victim.
  • They target units within an area in the middle of the map, often prioritizing those closer to the exit, whether friend or foe.
  • It is unclear whether different Heroes are more or less prone to be targeted than others. Apparently, Sha'tra seems to be higher than most on the Duskar's wanted list - he tend to take multiple shots in a row, while nearby enemies remain unharmed.


  • These characters are a reference to the Tusken Raiders in Star Wars. (The left half of this level looks like the planet Tatooine)

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