"It seems the attack at Sape Oasis was merely a distraction, and Lord Malagar has escaped towards Buccaner's Den.
We have no choice but to cross the treacherous Dunes of Despair. There is no time to go around them, so beware of the shifting sands, as the mysterious beasts crawling through them have cause the doom of many an experienced explorer!"

Dunes of Despair is the fourth level in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers.



Heroic Challenge

Iron Challenge

Wave Composition


Wave Enemies (West) Enemies (East) Income
1 8x Desert Thug
2x Dune Raider
8x Sand Hound
10x Desert Thug 162 G.
2 18x Desert Thug 3x Dune Raider
12x Sand Hound
198 G.
3 10x Desert Thug
4x Dune Raider
10x Desert Thug
4x Dune Raider
228 G.
4 12x Dune Terror 120 G.
5 18x Desert Thug
10x Dune Raider
3x Immortal
322 G.
6 10x Giant Wasp 10x Giant Wasp 160 G.
7 4x Dune Raider
12x Desert Archer
12x Sand Hound
6x War Hound
328 G.
8 13x Desert Archer
6x Immortal
28x Sand Hound
6x War Hound
500 G.
9 18x Giant Wasp 14x Dune Terror 284 G.
10 14x Dune Raider
16x Desert Archer
20x Dune Terror 616 G.
11 20x Dune Terror
5x Giant Scorpion
340 G.
12 5x Dune Raider
11x Immortal
20x Dune Terror
5x Giant Scorpion
684 G.
13 30x Giant Wasp 28x War Hound 520 G.
14 10x Dune Raider
14x Desert Archer
8x Immortal
20x Dune Terror
6x Giant Scorpion
904 G.

Heroic Challenge

Wave Enemies (West) Enemies (East) Income
1 18x Dune Terror 40x Desert Thug
2x Immortal
2 8x Giant Wasp
34x Sand Hound
7x Immortal G.
3 21x Dune Terror 5x Giant Scorpion G.
4 24x Sand Hound
12x Giant Wasp
2x Immortal
4x Giant Scorpion
40x Desert Thug
5 28x Desert Archer
19x Dune Terror
4x Immortal
150x Desert Thug
6 49x Desert Archer
32x Sand Hound
6x Immortal
3x Giant Scorpion
80x Desert Thug

Iron Challenge

Wave Enemies (West) Enemies (East) Income
1  ??x Immortal
??x War Hound
 ??x Giant Wasp
??x Dune Raider
??x Desert Thug
??x Desert Archer
 ?? G.


  • New Tower Unlocked!
Level 4 Barracks

Trains agile assassins that can
dodge attacks and deal heavy

Crossbow Fort

Great range, rate of fire and
damage. The backbone of any

  • New Enemy!
EnemySqr DuneTerror

Dune Terror

Ravenous carnivores moving
through the sands, always on
the prowl, like sharks at sea.

– Fast speed
– Invulnerable while burrowed

  • New Enemy!
EnemySqr GiantWasp

Giant Wasp

These fearful creatures are
often trained to serve as
aerial hunters.

– Average speed
– Flying

  • New Enemy!
EnemySqr DesertArcher

Desert Archer

Deadly accurate archers from
the desert, they will attack
nearby soldiers.

– Ranged attack
– Low magic resistance
– Average speed

  • New Enemy!
EnemySqr GiantScorpion

Giant Scorpion

Vicious, poisonous, predatory
beasts, protected by a thick

– Heavy armor
– Poisonous attack

Related Achievements

4 MUA'DIB Complete stage 4 without losing any soldiers to the Sand Worm.

Play with the sound on so you can hear the approach of the Sandworm. It will appear under your stationary troops (including placed reinforcements), limit the number you have so it makes it easier to move them out of the way.

Moneytalks MONEY TALKS Hire 10 or more mercenaries.

Purchase three Legionarres for the level, and repeat the level 4 times. Alternativly, play on Iron Mode where there are more camps.

Stuffo STUFF 'O' MAKER Have a genie polymorph 10 enemies.

Purchase 3 Genies and they should polymorph enough enemies in one level.
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