Dune Terrors are burrowing worm-like creatures that inhabit the Azsare Desert in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers.


Ravenous carnivores moving through the sands, always on the prowl, like a shark at sea.

Dune Terrors stalk the sand dunes beneath the surface, rendering them invulnerable to most attacks. They only ever surface in order to engage in combat with soldiers, making barracks absolutely vital against them. Other than their ability to burrow, Dune Terrors do not have much health or deal much damage and are easily stopped by high-level Knights Barracks or Assassin's Guilds.


  • Barracks are essential, as there is no other way of harming them if they are underground. 
  • Once they are engaged in combat, they can be easily dispatched. Use a combination of Artillery and Archer towers to clear as many as possible, as quickly as possible, so you do not risk them leaking past your defenses. Use Reinforcements to bolster the barracks.
    • Be aware of the Sand Worm on Dunes of Despair. It can take out your huddled barracks and reinforcements quickly, allowing several Dune Terrors to escape before the units respawn.
  • Rain of Fire has no effect either on impact or with the ground scorched.
  • Dynamite and Frozotov from the Gnome Shop have no effect.
    • The Chill Wand will stop all movement whilst keeping them underground
    • A Fat Boy will kill any Dune Terrors be they below or above ground.
  • Bruxa's Voodoo Doll is the only way to hurt or kill them while they are under the surface.


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