Driders are twisted fusions of Twilight elves and spiders that appear in the first Elven City.


Half spider, half elf abominations that charge into battle without fear or mercy.

Driders can be treated as more powerful spiders: fast but not as weak individually nor as numerous as Sword Spiders or Sons of Mactans. In addition to that, they can poison and also can breed from soldiers: when a Drider kills one of your units (whether soldiers, reinforcements, Greenlings, etc...), they'll encase them in a cocoon from which hatches another Drider that gives no gold when killed, making low-level Defender Barracks essentially food to spawn more Driders.



  • A Drider is an elf-spider crossbreed monster from the game Dungeons and Dragons.
  • Driders are technically classified as spiders, allowing them to benefit from spiderwebs.
  • Unlike most other spiders in the Kingdom Rush series, Driders do not have any magic resistance.