Deviltides are a tougher, armored variant of Greenfins, encountered in the Rising Tides mini-campaign in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers.


Lightly armored shark riders that serve as shock troops for the Deep Devils.

Despite their role as shock troops, Deviltides are not significantly more powerful than the basic Greenfins. They only have a few more health and a little physical armor, so any strategies against Greenfins can generally be applied against Deviltides as well.

In Storm Atoll, Deviltides can either ride sharks, substantially boosting their speed on water; or hide in the mouths of whales, protecting them until landing. When shark-riding Deviltides reach the shore, they vault from the shark's back, potentially jumping over a depth charge. Due to multiple water sections for Deviltides to traverse, they cannot do these in the Sunken Citadel, forcing them to swim normally.


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