Desert Archers are an enemy encountered in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers. They are similar to Shadow Archers from the first game and are essentially the game's introduction to ranged attacks.


Deadly accurate archers from the desert, they will attack nearby soldiers.

Similar to the Shadow Archers from the original Kingdom Rush game, Desert Archers will fire at your soldiers from a distance, easily cutting down your men in seconds.


They are relatively fast, and it is a good idea to move your soldiers out of their range then back into a melee range when they have come slightly further down the path. As a melee unit, Assassins work well against Desert Archers, as they can conceal themselves until the enemy is in their attack range. The better damage output of the Assassins compare to other soldiers also allows them to kill the archers much faster.

Do not use Mage Towers, as the Archers have low magic resistance and always attack in groups, along with standing in the back while attacking soldiers from afar, easily overwhelming Mages. If your defense happens to be Mage-heavy, use the Archmage Tower, with Critical Mass. This skill deals area True Damage, able to heavily wound groups of Desert Archers while quickly clearing out other foes.


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