Demon Spawn are enemies that damage nearby soldiers upon death (like Demon Lords and Demon Hounds) and are resistant to magic.


Terrible infernal creatures that explode when they die, damaging nearby soldiers.

Demon spawn are terrible enemies to confront. They are relatively durable, capable of withstanding quite a number of attacks. While the exact damage dealt by their infernal combustion is not stated, it can take down basic militia in a single explosion, allowing other demons to skim through your defenses without being perturbed. This makes demon spawn doubly dangerous to troops. They are especially more dangerous on Hard difficulty: the 20% health boost brings their HP to the magic number of 300, making them spawn Skeleton Knights instead of Skeletons in Graveyards.


  • Clear the area before these enemies die! Their infernal combustion will hurt your troops.
  • Don't use too many magic towers: they are moderately resistant to magical attacks.
  • Their infernal combustion does exactly 50 damage, so your Footmen barrack's soldiers can survive a hit.
  • Archers are the best to deal with Demon Spawns because of the speed.