Demon Lords are resistant to magic and can shield other demons. They explode and deal damage to nearby soldiers when they die. They can provide a shield for Demon SpawnDemon Hounds, Flareons, Demon Legions, and Gulaemons, which absorbs a certain amount of damage dealt to the demon.


They lead their fiendish armies into battle, protecting their minions with infernal shields.


  • Kill Demon Lords before you kill lesser demons. Due to the Demon Lords' infernal shields, this will save a lot of firepower.
  • Clear the area before these enemies die! Their infernal combustion will hurt your troops. With its 200 damage, it can wipe out a wide variety of your soldiers, so watch out!
  • Use archer and artillery towers against these enemies. (They are moderately resistant to magical attacks.)
  • Block Demon Lords with reinforcements - this will prevent them from moving into groups of other Demons so they won't cast the shield ability. However, unlike some other enemies with special abilities, Demon Lords can still cast the spell even while blocked.
  • A fully upgraded rain of fire will dispatch a demon lord quickly, and may also wipe out a few nearby demon spawn.


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