Demon Legions are armoured demon soldiers with the ability to duplicate themselves.


Evil spawn from the abyss...Their name is Legion, for they can become many...

As befitting their namesake, Demon Legions possess the ability to create doppelgänger of themselves, which do not give any gold when defeated. Even though the spawn rate is fairly slow (compared to other mook makers like Spider Matriarchs and Saurian Savants), at 666 health and high physical armour, one single Demon Legion is already fairly durable by itself, so they can provide an enormous threat to your defences, especially at the beginning when your towers and hero is not very strong yet.

Unlike other demons, Demon Legions have no magic resistance, instead, they have High physical armor, forcing you to use Magic Towers, which is otherwise more or less ineffective due to the abundance of demons in Pit of Fire and Pandaemonium.

Do note that their clones will have the same health at the time of duplicating, meaning high-level artillery, such as the Tesla, will be effective against them.


  • Demon Legions should be killed as quickly as possible. Rain of Fire is recommended during the earlier waves.
  • Any Mage Tower in the front is helpful for damaging them before they can make duplicates, though not as useful in the back of the map since the larger hordes of Legions will overwhelm them.
  • Teslas in the back with Overcharge can deal with them quite nicely, though some additional support of any kind is still necessary to wipe out really large groups.
  • Heroes with physical damage are almost useless against the huge armor of the Legions. They will gain hardly any experience from them and take lots of damage from the Legion's armor-ignoring attacks.
  • Demon legions seem to ignore armor, but is 100% unclear if this statement is true.

Related Achievements

2Army of One ARMY OF ONE Defeat 9 legions before they replicate



  • The description of the Demon Legion could be based on a passage from the Gospel of Mark 5: 9: "My name is Legion: for we are many."
  • The Demon Legion's HP in Normal difficulty is 666, the number of the beast associated with the Devil.