Demon Imps are the most durable flying enemies in Kingdom Rush. Their appearance is similar to the Gargoyle, except with red skin, white horns, a tail, and what appears to be black stripes on their backs.


Flying mischievious[sic] infernal creatures that are often seen in the company of gargoyles.

These enemies can become an annoyance in large numbers, but otherwise are rather easy to dispatch. They have much more HP compared to Gargoyles, so make sure you have enough towers to defend against them.


  • It is recommended to have at least one Arcane Wizard if you are going up against Demon Imps. They can target flying enemies and deal a lot of damage; enough to kill a Demon Imp in at least three hits!
  • Despite being a Demon enemy, and dying in the same format, they do not have an Infernal Combustion ability and will not harm any units they are near when they are killed.