Demon Hounds are infernal dogs that move quickly and explode upon death (like Demon Spawn and Demon Lords), damaging nearby soldiers.


Vicious terrible creatures, they serve as hunting dogs for the demon lords.

These nasty beasts are terribly annoying to deal with: their high health and speed, not to mention their magic resistance, allowing them to weave through even the best defenses with ease. Normally, fast enemies are hindered by Barracks so that Artillery can blow them up, but infernal combustion (doing 150 damage) and very high damage means that Demon Hounds can pass through choke points easily, and magic is also ineffective because of their magic resistance. In large numbers, they can be incredibly hard to stop.


  • Use Archer and Artillery towers against these enemies. They are resistant to magic, their ability to dodge melee attacks makes them difficult for soldiers to kill, not to mention their 'infernal combustion' which damages all troops in the area upon death.
  • Archer towers are a good choice against all wolves; their high firing speed ensures that they will deal damage before the speedy wolves move out of range.