The Defender Barracks is the level 1 Melee Tower in Kingdom Rush: Origins. It replaces the Militia Barracks from the previous games.


"Trains elven Defenders to block and fight incoming enemies."

The tower trains three elven soldier or in this case defenders. Defenders are the most basic soldier, with few health, very few damage and little armour. They are able to hold and fight enemies. With a little support their real role is unveiled.

It's upgraded to Warden Barracks.


Despite possessing armor, the Defenders are still highly vulnerable to damage, and can die in seconds. Their lack of a ranged attack also make them less versatile compare to other Barracks. It is advised to upgrade them to Warden Barracks or higher immediately after they are recruited.


  • For the Queen!
  • Onward!
  • By the light of the moon!
  • To the vanguard!


  • Alrond
  • Alwe
  • Corvus
  • Dalamar
  • Dobbie
  • Elaith
  • Elessedil
  • Elric
  • Eltharion
  • Finwen
  • Genis
  • Illidon
  • Ingwen
  • Kastore
  • Kirkus
  • Linken
  • Stallion
  • Thas
  • Vidalshal
  • Xan


  • The quote "By the light of the moon!" is also used by the Sylvan Elves in the original Kingdom Rush. This may mean that there's a direct connection between the elves of the Elven Continent and the sylvan elves.
  • Some of the names bear similarities to or are the same as some famous elves from popular culture: Alrond, Alwe, Finwen and Ingwen are named after Elrond, Elwë, Finwë and Ingwë from Tolkien's legendarium; Dobbie after Dobby from Harry Potter; Illidon after Illidan from Warcraft; Linken after Link from The Legend of Zelda; Eltharion after Eltharion from Warhammer; Elaith and Xan after the characters of the same name in Forgotten Realms; Dalamar after Dalamar in Dragonlance; and Elric after Elric of Melniboné.
  • When upgraded to the Bladesinger Hall, the names of the elves carry over.
  • Defenders actually deal more damage than Militia, with a damage of 1-4 as opposed to 1-3. Overall, defenders are actually stronger than militia, but take 4 seconds longer to reload.

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