Dark Spitters are grotesque beings that transform soldiers into servants of Godieth.


Corrupted creatures who spit dark blood. Their precision is lethal.

With a large amount of health and armor, Dark Spitters are tough to kill. Even worse, they posses a powerful ranged attack that slowly deals damage over time and turns any unit killed by it into Shadowspawn (very much like Driders' poison), allowing a single Dark Spitter to quickly overrun an ill-prepared defense with an army of undead. Contrary to their in-game description, Dark Spitters do not regenerate health over time.


  • High-level magic towers like the Wild Magus and High Elven Mage are the best option for dealing with Dark Spitters, as Ranged Towers will have difficulty overcoming their armor.
  • Keep low-level soldiers away from them, as the Dark Spitters won't be delayed for very long and your soldiers will quickly be turned into Shadowspawn, worsening the situation.
  • Sending your hero or Reinforcements to engage them in physical combat is a good idea, as their physical combat ability is much less threatening than their ranged attack and does not turn soldiers.



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