Dark Knight
Pedia mob Dark Knight
HP 240 / 300 / 360
Damage 15-25
Armor Rating 80%
Magic Resistance None
Speed Slow
Lives Taken 1
Bounty 25
Abilities None
Dark Knights are slow, durable, and heavily armored enemies. They are stronger versions of the Brigand, usually appearing as numbers just as often.


Full plated corrupted knights, almost impervious to damage.


  • Despite the description's comment, there's a good number of ways to acceptably damage Dark Knights, as they have only moderate HP and no Magical Resistance in tandem with low mobility. Simply make good use of whatever towers and upgrades you opt to work with, and rest assured that Dark Knights will succumb if given enough punishment.
  • Keep your Wizard Towers and Artillery Towers up to speed, as they are the most casual way of bypassing the Dark Knights' incredible Armor, with the former targeting the Magical Resistance instead and the latter ignoring half the Armor rating.
  • Dark Knights typically are backed by Shadow Archers. Make sure to maneuver against the Shadow Archers so that your towers can focus on the Dark Knights.



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