"Time for target practice!"

The Crossbow Fort is an advanced Ranged Tower that appears in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers. It can be seen as a replacement for the Musketeer Garrison, offering a balance between speed and range. It shoots farther and faster than the Tribal Axethrowers but deals less individual damage per shot. The range is 42% wider than the Level 1 Archer Tower, and 10% wider than Sharpshooter Tower and Tribal Axethrowers.



Barrage "Be quick or be dead!"

Shoots up to 6 bolts in quick succession that deal 30 to 40 damage each. When the target enemy dies while the ability hasn't finished yet, the bolts will attack the nearest enemy. Cooldown: 6 seconds.

  • Level 1 (250 Gold): 6 bolts
  • Level 2 (150 Gold): 8 bolts
  • Level 3 (150 Gold): 10 bolts


FalconerIcon "Aim through falcon eye!"

A falcon that increases the range and critical chance of the Crossbow Fort and nearby towers.

  • Level 1 (200 Gold): 10% range, 5% critical chance
  • Level 2 (200 Gold): 15% range, 10% critical chance, Increases AoE
  • Level 3 (200 Gold): 20% range, 15% critical chance, Further Increases AoE


  • The Crossbow Fort is one of the most versatile advanced towers, able to fit in almost every situation.
  • Place it in the middle of your strongest ranged towers so the Falconer ability can reach as many important towers as possible.
  • The Falconer bonus does not stack with multiple Crossbow Forts. Eg. a tower within range of two Crossbow Forts with Falconer 2 and a Crossbow Fort with Falconer 3 will only receive a 20% bonus to range from the highest ranked Falconer.
  • Barrage is one of the most effective abilities available against high-health enemies, and is excellent at finishing of leaked enemies. With all upgrades, the maximum raw damage is 300-400 with each use.

Related Achievements

8Hawk HAWKEYE Apply one Falconer bonus to 4 towers.

9Spears BOLT OUT THE SUN Have the Crossbow Forts shoot 10000 bolts.


  • Time for target practice!
  • Be quick or be dead!
  • Blackbird fly!


  • "Time for target practice" - A line spoken by a Sniper in Dota 2
  • "Blackbird fly!" - A line from the song Blackbird by The Beatles.
  • "Be quick or be dead" - A song by heavy metal band Iron Maiden.