CrossbowFortIcon"Time for target practice!"

The Crossbow Fort is an advanced Ranged Tower that appears in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers. It can be seen as a replacement for the Rangers Hideout, offering a balance between speed and range. It shoots farther and faster than the Tribal Axethrowers but deals less individual damage per shot.


"Trained under monastic discipline, these crossbow furies are masters of their craft."



Barrage "Be quick or be dead!"CFBarrage

Shoots up to 6 bolts in quick succession that deal 30 to 40 damage each. When the target enemy dies while the ability hasn't finished yet, the bolts will attack the nearest enemy. Cooldown: 6 seconds.

Level Gold Bolts
1 250 6
2 150 8
3 150 10


FalconerIcon "Aim through falcon eye!"CFFalconer

Improves attack range of nearby towers (and this tower), and grants a critical chance to this tower.

level Gold Range Critical Chance
1 200 10% 5%
2 200 15% (increased AoE) 10%
3 200 20% (increased AoE) 15%



  • The Crossbow Fort is one of the most versatile advanced towers, able to fit in almost every situation.
  • Place it in the middle of your strongest ranged towers so the Falconer ability can reach as many important towers as possible.
  • The Falconer bonus does not stack with multiple Crossbow Forts. E.g. a tower within range of two Crossbow Forts with Falconer 2 and a Crossbow Fort with Falconer 3 will only receive a 20% bonus to range from the highest ranked Falconer.
  • Barrage is one of the most effective abilities available against high-health enemies and is excellent at finishing of leaked enemies. With all upgrades, the maximum raw damage is 300-400 with each use.

Related Upgrades

  • Up KRF ImpAim Steady Hand (1 Star): Increases marksmen attack range (+10%).
  • Up KRF FocusAim Focused Aim (2 Stars): Increases marksmen attack damage. (Crossbow Fort's damage increases to 16-25.)
  • Up KRF Accuracy Accuracy (2 Stars): Increases marksmen attack range (+5% from Steady Hand) and damage. (Crossbow Fort's damage increases to 18-28.)
  • Up KRF TwinShot Twin Shot (3 Stars): Marksmen have a (10%) chance of shooting two projectiles at the same time.

Related Achievements

8Hawk HAWKEYE Apply one Falconer bonus to 4 towers.

9Spears BOLT OUT THE SUN Have the Crossbow Forts shoot 10000 bolts.


  • Time for target practice! (main)
  • Be quick or be dead! (Barrage)
  • Blackbird fly! (Falconer)


  • "Time for target practice" - A line spoken by a Sniper in Dota 2
  • "Blackbird fly!" - A line from the song Blackbird by The Beatles.
  • "Be quick or be dead" - A song by heavy metal band Iron Maiden.