Cost 75
HP 250
Damage 15-30
Armor Rating None
Limit 3 (Shared with Bucaneers or Boatswains)
Abilities Steal gold
Corsairs are mercenaries that can be hired in the SCUMM Bar.


Formidable fighters. They love to fight for the highest bidder!

Corsairs are decent fighters, possessing good damage and a fair amount of health. They are able to steal gold from their enemies.


They are usually second-choice to their more powerful, albeit more expensive counterparts: Boatswains and Buccaneers, however, they can do their job rather well nonetheless. Just make sure you pay attention to their health, and retreat when necessary. It is advised to back up your Corsairs with Assassins and Templars, so as to stall enemies while the Corsairs heal.

As with all soldiers, build support towers.

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