Cloud Stalkers are flying ray-like creatures that reside in the ruins of the elven First City in Kingdom Rush: Origins. They serve as the primary flying enemy in the final stages of the game.


Flying magical creatures, they lay eggs in their victims to spawn their offspring.

Cloud Stalkers are one of the most annoying enemies in the entire game: instead of ignoring soldiers like other flying enemies, they'll descend down to attack. Their 'attack' renders a soldier useless and will make him explode into another Cloud Stalker if not removed. This pretty much kills your barracks defences as a facehugged soldier isn't considered dead yet and thus will not respawn.


  • Kill Cloud Stalkers quickly before they can reach your barracks. When you see them coming, move soldiers away, preferably to another path, or at least far back so your other towers have more time to clear them.
  • To kill flying Stalkers, it is advised to use high damage towers, such as the High Elven Mage, or the Wild Magus. At only a modest 90 HP, Could Stalkers cannot survive the barrage from two or more advanced Mages.
  • Cloud Stalkers that latch on to soldiers will be treated as ground enemies. Provided your barracks are upgraded enough to survive being attacked, a Weirdwood or Arch-Druid Henge can cause major damage to them and likely kill them before they hatch anew.