Cerberus is a giant three-headed Demon Hound, with armour in the form of bony osteoderms over much of its body. It serves as a mini-boss in Pit of Fire and Pandaemonium.


Three headed hounds with very thick skin, they can devour scores of soldiers.

Cerberus possesses the stats and abilities of a giant enemy without all the flaws of other giant enemies. It is extremely tough, boasting a whopping 6000 health and High physical armour; even Bloodshells from Frontiers can barely match it in durability, and it can quickly mow down soldiers with its three mouths. Unlike other giant enemies, it runs relatively fast (only its smaller canine cousins are faster), making Earth Elementals even more essential against it, else it passes mostly unscathed through your defences. It is also classified as a mini-boss, meaning that normal ways of directly stalling or killing giant enemies (Death Ray, Teleport, Polymorph, Sniper Shot and Wrath of the Forest) do not work at all on it. Even though Cerberus usually does not come with minions, it is still one of the most, if not the most, powerful and terrifying enemies in the Kingdom Rush series.


  • The Tesla x104 with Overcharge is helpful at the start of the path because other enemies might still be ahead of it and take the hits, but the chain attack will still hit Cerberus.
  • The Arcane Wizard is less effective against Cerberus than against other giant enemies, since, being a (mini-)boss, it's immune to both Death Ray and Teleport, and it runs quite fast. In addition, the tower won't be much use against the hordes of magic-resistant enemies in the levels Cerberus appears in.
  • The Sorcerer Mage is invaluable against Cerberus: the Sorcerer's curse stacking on the Arcane Shatter upgrade will weaken its armour dramatically, while the elemental can hold off Cerberus longer than even most heroes, and if you upgrade it before it dies, the elemental's health will be restored to full power, allowing it to stall Cerberus longer still.
  • Paladins with Healing Light III and Shield of Valor can block Cerberus for quite a while as well. However, make sure they have Holy Strike III to actually damage it.



  • Cerberus (Greek: Κέρβερος), in Greek and Roman mythology, is a multi-headed (usually three-headed) dog which guards the gates of the Underworld, to prevent the dead who have crossed the river Styx from ever escaping or the living from entering.
  • Even though Cerberus only has three mouths, it can attack an unlimited number of units at any given point.
  • Cerberus has the highest bounty of any enemy in the game outside of endless levels, at 350 gold.
  • While it is asleep in Pit of Fire, it cannot be attacked but can be selected.


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